Fiore Rechargeable Table Lamp White

Fiore Rechargeable Table Lamp White

Fiore Rechargeable Table Lamp White

Rechargeable and portable table lamp in matt white, adapted for outdoor use.

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Description: Portable and rechargeable table lamp in matt white. Easy to move from room to room. The lamp is battery-driven and can be used cordlessly up to 8 hours. Total height of 38 cm. Rated IP44 and adapted for temporary outdoor use. Accessible touch-dimmer and switch placed on top of the shade. Perfect to bring outdoors during warm summer evenings, to the dining table, or as a portable night lamp. Spreads a comfortable mood light. 

Technical: Fixed LED lighting with a warm white glow of 3000 kelvin, 100 lumen and 2W. Rated IP44 and adapted for temporary outdoor use.

Built-in battery that charges via USB-C cable. Charged with the included USB C cable (1 m) which is connected to a Min 1A Max 6A adapter (not included). 8 hours battery life. The battery life can decrease when exposed to lower temperatures and depending on dimmer settings. 

 5-year guarantee on the LED light

Product details

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  • Product category:

    Outdoor lighting

  • Family:


  • Wattage:


  • Warranty:

    5 years

  • Switch Type:


  • Battery Type:

    Li-ion 18650

  • Safety Class:

    Class III

  • Primary Color:


  • Position of Switch:


  • Lumen:


  • Length between light sources (cm):


  • Number included lightsource:


  • IP class:


  • Energy class incl. light source:


  • Dimmable:


  • Connecting cable length:


  • Color temperature:


  • Cable length:


  • Cable color:


  • Socket:


  • Number of lights:


  • Data light sources:

    Fixed LED

  • Color:


  • Material:

    Iron, Acrylic

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Fiore Rechargeable Table Lamp White

Regular price Sale price 999 kr


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