Right of withdrawal

As a consumer, you normally have 14 days to cancel.

NOTE: You have the right to open the packaging free of charge and check that the product works. However, you as a consumer are responsible for any reduction in value of the goods, including original packaging, which depends on handling in addition to what is required to determine the characteristics and function of the goods. In the event of a return, Markslöjd reserves the right to make any deductions for a refund depending on the returned item and outer packaging condition. Please also note that a return where the product has been modified in the form of cut cables and so on, no right of withdrawal expires. 

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There is no requirement to use the Consumer Agency's Undo Form. We resolve any right of withdrawal directly with our customers.

When you, as a consumer, wish to use your right of withdrawal, notify Markslöjd about the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving your goods. After that, as a consumer, after sending a message, you must return the item (s) within 14 days at the latest.

When returning, we recommend that you use a transport packaging to give extra protection. In the event that accessories are missing or physical damage exists, we reserve the right to charge a fee to restore the item to functional condition. Markslöjd refrains from making such deduction if the product is returned in substantially unchanged condition. 

Note that you who regret a purchase have the right to test your item before you cancel a purchase. Please note, however, that goods that come back have the right to be tested and any value reductions may occur depending on the condition of the return.

When you, as a consumer, wish to use your right of withdrawal, notify Markslöjd about the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving your goods. After that, as a consumer, after sending a message, you must return the item (s) within 14 days at the latest. Be aware that you are at risk if the product is damaged when it is shipped back to us. Therefore, make sure the item is well packaged. The original product packaging with the specially designed inner packaging helps the product stay firmly during transport.

If you wish to undo parts of your purchase, we will refund the amount of the returned item. 
NOTE! If you have bought a starter pack or package item, you can not return parts of the package. If parts of such an item are returned, a fee of SEK 99 will be added for handling.

How do I return my item? Contact us at our customer forum and we will help you.

To return your item or order, please use the enclosed return shipping label and enter your reason for return.
Other costs, such as cost of goods and freight from us to you will be refunded. Markslöjd will not redeem parcels against postal advances. We recommend that you return the shipment in a way that allows the shipment to arrive at our return address. Markslöjd has no opportunity to redeem packages on postal agents. 


Our returns are normally free of charge with an attached shipping label.
In certain periods, we can use a return fee, we communicate this on products and in our terms of purchase.


In the case of complaints, the error can be remedied in various ways such as repair, price reduction, new delivery or cancellation of purchases. Remedial and re-delivery is possible if it can be done without unreasonable cost for Markslöjd. In case of repayment in the event of a complaint, repayment will be made within a reasonable time, without undue delay. We always hold a dialogue with you as a customer during the course of the case to make you feel safe with the purchase you made with us. 

If you find any of your products wrong, you have the opportunity to advertise up to 3 years. Complaints are reported as soon as the error is detected. 2 months is considered a reasonable time for detection of damage / defect. Then contact our customer service directly and we will help you. We will get back to you within 24h on weekdays. We always reimburse any shipping costs for complaints. 

We at Markslöjd always strive for the best quality of the products. But should one be, against the presumption, be broken, we will of course make sure you change. Markslöjd complies with the Consumer Purchase Act in case of any complaints, you can read more about this at konsumentverket.se. The right of claim is valid for 3 years for products with production defects. If you want to reclaim a broken product, please contact our customer service within a reasonable time (at least two months) and they will help you with the complaint. In the case of a complaint, we at Markslöjd are obviously responsible for the return shipping.      

In the event of a dispute, we will follow ARN (the General Complaints Board). Read more about ARN here.  

General Complaints Board
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm

If the product is damaged at the time of delivery, we recommend that you report it immediately to our Customer Service. In order for us to be able to claim the damage, we need to report the transport damage to PostNord within 1-3 days. We are therefore grateful if you report the damage within this time. We will arrange a new delivery free of charge for you as a customer so that you get a flawless product. If the shipping damage is visible on the outer packaging, it is important to point this out when receiving the package. In order for the complaint against Posten to be handled correctly, you have to save the packaging, the address tag and any pallet that came with the shipment damaged. 

If an order is incorrectly dispatched, we recommend that you report it to our Customer Service as soon as possible. A new correct delivery will then be delivered to you immediately without extra charge. 

A refund / credit must be made within 14 days of you notifying us that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. In the event that the product is not available to us promptly, we will administer the refund as soon as the product is available to us or alternatively that you as a customer can provide proof that the item has been returned, whichever occurs first for a refund. The repayment is then made via Klarna. 

If an item is claimed and can be repaired/exchanged with us, we will refund any return freight without delay.

  • Yes, visit spare parts to see the spare glass and spare parts we have available.

    Can't find the spare part you are looking for? Please ask us in our customer forum, and we will try to help you!

  • 1. Fill in the return form and attach the included shipping label to the package.

    2. Drop off the package at your nearest PostNord/UPS service point. We offer returns free of charge.

    3. Upon approval of the return, a refund will be issued within 14 days. All our refunds are processed through Klarna.

    The product must be in unchanged condition upon return. The box and all parts/accessories of the product must be included.

    When returning a package item/starter kit, all items must be returned.

    For unclaimed packages, we will charge you for shipping, packaging, and handling costs of 249 SEK/DKK or 24.9 EUR. Therefore, always make sure to pick up your orders within the timeframe set by PostNord/UPS for the package to remain at the pickup point.

    When you shop at Markslojd.com, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you receive your order.

  • Yes, but please note that we only handle complaints for goods purchased from Markslojd.com. If you have purchased your product from one of our retailers, please contact the retailer directly for a complaint.

    However, we will be happy to help you find spare parts!

    The following applies to complaints for purchases on Markslojd.com.

    1. Please contact us as soon as you discover the fault, but within 2 months at the latest. You have a three-year right to make a complaint, provided that the fault in the product is due to a manufacturing fault.

    2. Click on “Ask your question here” in the forum.

    3. Enter your WEB order number, information about the problem, and a picture of the problem (for faster handling).

    4. The fault can be rectified by repair, price reduction, new delivery or cancellation of the purchase