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Light up your outdoor area with Arkihem

Architect Anela Tahirovic lives together with her family in a stylish brickhouse in southern Sweden. She also runs the instagram-account @arkihem where she shares her passion for interior decoration and design. This is how she styles her outdoor area with Garden 24, the flexible outdoor lighting system from Markslöjd.

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Discover the possibilities with party lights
Above the seating area Anela has chosen to place party lights to create a cosy atmosphere. With party lights it’s easy to frame an area. The Garden 24 system is very easy to install and flexible so you can add more lights to your liking. It’s easy to customize to your needs, and to create your own unique look.

Combine multiple bollards
To blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, it’s nice to light up with floor lamp and to combine different heights to create dynamics. These lamps can be grounded to the floor to resist wind. 
Anela chose to add a dimmer so she can adjust the light to her liking. This dimmer has seven different settings. 


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Set the mood at the dining table
“Above the dining table I’d like to light up with a ceiling pendant to recreate the indoor feeling outdoors”, Anela says. This pendant from Garden 24 is weather resistant and can hang outside all year round. 

Exciting effects with spotlights
Highlighting trees, bushes or your façade adds a wonderful effect, and it’s done easily with spotlights.
Anela places the spotlights in the ground and directs the light, in this case to the tree crown. The last adjustment is best done with it’s dark.
The Garden 24 spotlights are available in three different strengths and can be connected to one transformer.

Start small, scale up
Opt for the 60W transformer from the start and you’ll have more possibilities to add more lights to your liking. Garden 24 has also a wide range of cables and accessories.  

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See video with Arkihem

In this video, Anela shows how she has used Garden 24 on her own patio. Provides simple advice for lighting your outdoor environment and how Garden 24 works.

Arkihem is showing this products:

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GARDEN 24 - Spot 9W

garden 24 - spot 9w

GARDEN 24 - Floor 70 cm

garden 24 - floor 70 cm

GARDEN 24 - Floor 110cm

garden 24 - floor 110cm

GARDEN 24 - Party Lightchain - Pear

garden 24 - party lightchain - pear

GARDEN 24 - Ceiling

garden 24 - ceiling