Gift ideas for friends and family

Here we’ve gathered inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for friends and family. Whether you’re going to a birthday party, graduation celebrations or giving a housewarming present, you’ll find plenty of appreciable gifts at markslojd.com. We have something for everyone when you want to surprise your loved ones with presents.

Gifts for every occasion

Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and birthdays. Yes, there are many holidays to celebrate, and we have gift ideas for them all. Maybe you want to give mum a Mother’s Day gift that will last for many years to come? One tip is to give her a new lamp to brighten up her home. For those who spend a lot of time at the sewing machine and handcrafts that require good work lighting, the practical Tulip can be a treasured gift. And for the new terrass, you can buy decklights for atmospheric lighting in the evenings.

The right general lighting makes all everyday tasks easier. A lamp that provides pleasant lighting can quickly change the character of a room. Here we’ve gathered some of our bestselling lamps that suit many rooms and styles.

House & apartment housewarming gifts

Perhaps we all remember our first home and what we got as a housewarming gift. Moving to a new home, whether house or apartment, is a big thing and a new chapter in life. Be inspired by our gift ideas and give a thoughtful gift for the new home.

Gift for homeowners

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for someone who has bought a house or summer cottage, garden lighting is a practical gift to give. We have spotlights, party lights and bed lighting that will be a welcome addition to the new homeowner. Outdoor lighting is also a great gift to dad or mom for a cozier feeling in the garden. Discover package solutions with spotlights, decklights and party loops. A starter set includes outdoor lamps, extension cord and transformer. Perfect when you want to get started quickly with the new outdoor lighting.

Gift for new apartment

Ceiling lamps, table lamps and wall lamps are a great gift idea for the new apartment. Especially if you’re giving a gift for the first apartment.

Did you know that a room generally needs seven light sources to meet all needs, from general lighting to mood lighting. A lamp as a housewarming gift will therefore be appreciated for the new apartment. Here we have gathered lamps that provide good general lighting and mood lighting in the apartment.

Gifts for kids

We have several gifts for children when you want to give birthday presents and christening gifts. A neon lamp will add a splash of color to the kids’ room. If you want to give a personal gift for a child, the table decoration Elisabeth is a good idea. You can attach pictures to the table decoration and the light dots will light up the photos.

Gift ideas for parties and graduations

Perhaps you have an upcoming wedding to attend and are looking for a wedding gift? Or are you going to a student reception and looking for a graduation gift for the special day? Here we have gathered gift ideas for all festive occasions. You’ll also find gifts for teachers and trainers, as well as gifts for employees. Candleholders, bowls, and vases are all memorable presents to give.

Christmas gift ideas

Why not give a shining gift this Christmas? Decorative lamps that provide atmospheric lighting during the Christmas season are a good Christmas gift idea to loved ones. We also have several throws in cashmere if you want to give a soft Christmas present instead.