Control your lighting wirelessly with Smart Plug

What is a Smart Plug?

A Smart Plug is a compact device that is connected to your power outlet, to control small home appliances like lamps. Smart Plugs allow you to switch on and switch off the lighting with your smartphone even when you're not at home. All you need is a WiFi-connection and the SmartLife-application in your phone, no extra cables needed.

A great solution to get started with a smart home.

Which products are compatible with the Smart Plug?

Smart Plugs work best with devices that have an on/off-switch and can be left on all the time. This allows you to turn on and off the devices using the Smart Plug and application. Some devices that come with a stand-by mode still require to use the power button, meaning you don't enjoy the main benefits of a Smart Plug.

Use scenarios to automate and control your lamps

Another benefit with a Smart Plug is the convenience, with the app you can create different scenes to automate your lighting. This feature is perfect for busy households. You can set a schedule to switch off the lights when you leave in the morning and turn them on right before you come home again. No need to reach for switches after a long day.

Control your home from anywhere

The SmartLife-app allows you to turn on and off the lights wherever you are, as long as you have WiFi. Not sure if you remembered to turn off the lights? Check and turn everything off remotely with your phone. If you already have a voice assistant, you can use voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Turning on the lights even when you're not home can also help with home security, which gives the illusion that someone is home and can scare off unwelcome visitors

Smart outlets outdoors

Smart Plug Outdoor is rated IP44 and suitable for outdoor use. Use the Smart Plug to control your Christmas lights and outdoor lamps. Set a scenario that keeps the lights turned on during the darkest time of the day.

How much energy do Smart Plugs use?

Indoor Smart Plug:
Active mode (WiFi): 1.12W
Standby: 0.66W

Outdoor Smart Plug:
Active mode (WiFi): 0.82W
Standby: 0.35W

Tips and inspiration

To enjoy energy saving benefits it's better to connect more lamps to your Smart Plug using a lighting system or a power strip, but then you can't control them individually. Connecting single lamps to the smart plugs won't save energy, but you can still use a Smart Plug to control them wirelessly.

Other useful areas for Smart Plugs:
  • Outlets that are hard to reach, for instance behind heavy furniture.
  • Night lamps that don't need to be turned on during daytime.
  • Battery chargers are easy to forget, avoid overcharging batteries to wireless devices by turning of the outlet using the app.
Video about Smart Plug

Here you can watch a short video about the Smart Plug. We guide you on how to get started with the app and how to install the various functions. Take a look at the clip and discover the advantages of controlling the lighting with a Smart Plug.