Lighting in the hall

The hallway is the first room that welcomes you home, and the first impression for your guests. A well-lit hall with the right lighting makes it easy to find keys and other essentials before you leave in the morning. In the hallway, it is a good idea to mix different types of lamps to meet all needs. Ceiling lamp for general lighting, table or wall lamp for mood lighting, and wardrobe lighting that lights up when you open it. The hall should be both practical and welcoming. Find inspiration and tips on how to get it right here.

4 tips for good hall lighting:

• Direct lighting towards the walls, it gives the impression of a larger hallway.
• Spotlights are good in the hallway since they provide bright lighting during darker hours.
• Wardrobes in the hallway? Illuminate them with LED strips.
• Use dimmable light sources to create different moods.

  • Rikta belysning mot väggarna, då får du intrycket av en större hall.
  • Spotlights är bra i hallen, de ger ljusstark belysning mörka mornar.
  • Garderober i hallen? Lys upp dem med LED-list.
  • Använd dimbara ljuskällor för att skapa olika stämningar.

Which lamps should I have in the hallway?

In the hallway it's important to combine practical, functional, and decorative lighting. Which lamps you should have in the hall depends on the size of the hall and how bright it is. In a smaller hallway without windows, it is a good idea to have bright lamps, such as spotlights on rails. Go for adjustable lamp heads, so that you can direct the lighting in different directions and objects. LED spots and strips can be placed in closets and generate a minimal amount of heat even if placed in tight places.

Ever wonder how to create a warm and welcoming vibe in the room? By adding decorative lighting, you can easily change the mood and create an eye-catching detail. Wall lamps and table lamps provide atmospheric lighting. Illuminating the hallway with both functional and decorative lighting gives you a room that meets many different need

Ceiling lamps in hallway

Ceiling lamps and flush mounts provide good general lighting, as well as directional spotlights. We offer different types of spotlights – everything from smaller versions with a round ceiling plate, to buildable models that can be supplemented with more spotlights over time. To achieve even general lighting that takes up less space, flush mounts are an ideal choice for hallways. In a smaller hallway, check that all wardrobes and doors can open without touching the lamps.

Tip! For homes with high ceilings, you can make the most of your space by decorating it with a crystal chandelier for a more exclusive look.

Expand – spotlights for ceiling and wall

Discover our Expand system with spotlights in different models and colors, for both ceiling and wall. Spotlights in the ceiling are good lighting for the hallway, as you get bright and directional lamps – ideal when you want to light up your wardrobe, shelf, and mirror. The Expand system is a good choice for narrow hallways. In a larger hallway, you can also use an angled connection to make the spotlights follow the shape of the room.

Wall lamps for mood lighting

Decorative lighting is equally important to create a warm and welcoming vibe. Wall lamps save space while spreading a comfortable glow. By placing two or more wall lamps you can get shadow effects on the wall. Our range also includes multifunctional wall lamps. These lamps have a USB port, dimmer function, and practical storage for keys and other items.

Tip! Highlight pictures and artwork with art lighting. Mona Lisa is a discreet wall lamp that enhances pictures and photographs.

Table lamps on the side table

If you have a dresser or a side table in your hallway, you can place a table lamp there. Let the table lamp take its place and become an interior detail. A patterned lamp base adds an interesting contrast to neutral walls, and a darker lampshade spreads a cozy glow in the room.

Window lamps in the entrance

Remember to light up the windows as well. This way you get a natural light source during the day, and a welcoming glow during the darkest hours. Window pendants are often neat in size, and most of our window lamps come with a switch on the cord for easy access.

Tip! Easily update the look for the holidays by switching your pendants to star pendants.

Dimmable light bulbs create different moods

Dimmable lamps in the hallway allow you to create different moods in the room. In the morning, you may want strong lighting, and in the evening a more pleasant light. A dimmable light source ensures that you can easily change the brightness and the character of the room. Discover our selection of dimmable LED light bulbs.

Control the lights in your hallway with the Smart Plug

Welcome to an illuminated hallway and set a timer using the Smart Plug. With a Smart Plug, you can control your lamps with your smart phone. The smart power outlet also allows you to set a timer for when to turn the lights on/off. You can control the lights when you’re not at home – an energy–saving option for a smart home. We also have a Smart Plug for your outdoor lighting.

Read more about Smart Plug


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