Wonderful living room, a room for relaxation

Three cheers for the living room! This is one of those rooms we spend a lot of time in. We watch TV, play games, eat, work a little too late in the evening and fall asleep on the couch. The kids sit and play in the living room, leaving a few too many toys on the floor than we'd like.

The right lamp is more than just an interior design feature, it is also more than just lighting. The correctly positioning and mix of light sources creates a lovely atmosphere and a play of shadows, providing a wonderfully comfortable and welcoming feel. An inviting atmosphere that encourages sociability.

So the right light for the right mood is vital in one of the most important rooms in the home. Use many different light sources in the living room, preferably as many as seven. A lamp should not just be seen as lighting, it is just as much interior design. Use floor, wall and ceiling lighting to create the right lighting for the right occasion.

If you watch TV a lot and have a black belt in Netflix, then a soft light source behind the TV can be a great idea. This sort of backlighting can be relaxing for the eyes.


A balance between general lighting and mood lighting

Consider functionality as well. A good ceiling lamp should provide good ambient lighting in the room, while smaller lamps such as standard lamps, table lamps or different wall lamps acting as spotlighting complement this brilliantly.

Well-balanced lighting in the right place can provide so much more than just the necessary light.

By varying and combining different lamps in your living room you can create a pleasant and exclusive atmosphere. The living room is a useful general room where a lot of different activities take place, so the lighting needs to vary according to what you do most.

Crystal chandeliers in the living room

With crystal chandeliers in your living room, you get an exclusive interior detail that is as beautiful lit as it is extinguished. Our crystal chandeliers have high-quality prisms that create beautiful reflections in the room. Crystal lamps look great in the living room, hallway and over the dining table.

Different crystal chandeliers for your home

If you want extra mood lighting in your living room, you can decorate with a crystal chandelier with candle holders for candles. We have chandeliers in different styles and colors – classic, modern and crystal lamps with a vintage touch. A crystal plafond also makes a decorative element in the living room. They take up less space but provide the same atmospheric reflections as crystal chandelier.

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