Extend the day with outdoor lighting

Remember outdoor lighting to create a warm, welcoming effect. And also to lead you home on dark winter nights. By all means light trees and other features in your garden. Perhaps you can skip the boring lamp in the carport ceiling creating a somewhat ghostly atmosphere. Light up the pathways, hedges and shrubs instead to spotlight the way in.

Walk around the garden with a torch to discover what looks best from different directions and angles. A well-illuminated garden or patio also affects the atmosphere indoors making it cosier and more agreeable.

If you have put time and effort into your garden, or have a nice natural plot, then of course you should treat it to first-rate lighting.


5 quick tips on creating perfect outdoor lighting:

1. Function

Think about how to use the light. Should it be practical and light up the garage, or be more of a decoration in the garden?

2. Purpose

Decide whether you want to create depth on your plot, or experience it in an exciting way in the dark, light up a nice plant or, for example, highlight a beautiful landscape.

3. Safety

Light makes the garden feel safe. Be careful not to create bright spots that dazzle. Make sure to make soft contrasts.

4. Plan

Draw a sketch of the garden where you decide what to illuminate and how.

5. Balance

It is important to find the balance in the lighting. The lighting should be interlinked all the way even though some points are highlighted. It’s also about the playful game between light and darkness, where life is created.