Illuminate the garden with Garden 24

With spotlights from Garden 24, you can spotlight and highlight bushes, trees, and flower beds. At Markslöjd you will find easy-to-install spotlights in different colors and wattages from Garden 24. Each light source has an energy-efficient LED lamp that is good for both the environment and the wallet. There is also a five-year guarantee on all light sources in the Garden 24 system. Here you can read about the different spotlights, get tips on which variant suits you and how you can place the lighting in the garden.

Benefits of Garden 24:

  • 5-year warranty on the light source
  • Connect yourself, no electrician needed
  • Buildable
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

Select lighting

Spotlights for spot lighting

This spotlight can be angled and gives a nice light spread in the garden. The spotlight is available in different wattages – 3 W, 6 W, 9 W and 15 W. You can also choose between two different colors – black and aluminum. The aluminum spotlights are available in 3 W and 6 W. Ground spike and bracket for gutter are included for easy mounting. With the bracket for the gutter, you can illuminate, for example, the facade from above. Use the ground spike instead for placement in flower beds and lawns. There are two 30 cm cables from the lighting so that you can easily connect more spotlights and then also connect the transformer (not included).

Item nr. 106929, 106931, 107291, 106930, 107713 och 107714

High spotlight for lighting trees and bushes

This 6W spotlight is angular, 58 cm high and ideal for tree lighting. It includes a ground spike for easy and quick installation in lawn, gravel path or flower bed. There are two 30 cm cables from the LED lighting so that you can easily connect more spotlights and then also connect the transformer (not included).

Item nr. 106932

What strength should I have on my spotlight?
  • 3 W spotlight provides 180 lumens and a spread angle of 36 degrees. Suitable for small bushes, stone walls, pots, and for lights on house facades.
  • 6 W spotlight provides 330 lumens and 24 degree angle. Suitable for slightly higher bushes, house facades and more.
  • 9 W spotlight provides 510 lumens and a spread angle of 24 degrees. Perfect for slightly taller trees and bushes.
  • 15 W spotlight provides a full 950 lumens and a spread angle of 24 degrees. Ideal for large trees, such as oak and birch.


Bring a flashlight into the garden in the evening and highlight different trees, bushes and plantings to see where you get the best effect.


You need

For your lighting you need a transformer (not included). There are two different variants to choose from – 36 W or 60 W. What determines which one you should have depends on how much you should connect to the transformer. We recommend that you do not use the effect 100 %. Namely, there is a certain power loss along the way. Calculate the number of watts on your products to quickly find out which transformer you need.

36 W – Select this if the total wattage on the lighting is 30 W or less.

60 W – Choose this if the total wattage on the lighting is more than 30 W and less than 54 W. Choosing this transformer is also a good option if you plan to expand your Garden 24 lighting eventually.



Choose a slightly stronger spotlight and connect onedimmer to adjust brightness.


Smart options

There are several accessories for Garden 24 (not included). Here we have listed smart accessories for your garden lighting.

Timer / sensor – Decide when and for how long the lighting should be on! With a timer, you can easily choose how long the lighting should stay on, or you can set it to turn on at dusk and turn off at daylight.

Dimmer – The dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting. It can also be connected to the timer / sensor.

PIR sensor – Motion sensor that turns on your Garden 24 lighting during movement and switches it off when there is no movement.

Y-connector – The Y-connector ensures that you can illuminate two places at the same time. Namely, the power is led to different places from the same outlet. For example, if you have a larger garden, you may want to illuminate more than one place at a time.

Extension cord – There are three different extension cords to choose from: 2, 5 and 10 m.

Waterproof tape – Can be used to protect connections. It minimizes the risk of damage from snow, ice, and frost.


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