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Buying guide Chrissline

Light up your garden or patio with LED light loops from Chrissline! Chrissline is an extendable lighting system for outdoor use. It consists of a variety of outdoor loops and accessories that allow you to easily put together string lights for any location in your garden. You’ll find everything from light nets and icicles to string lights in different variations, colours and strengths. The highlights light up your outdoor environment in an atmospheric way and are easy to connect, extend and adjust afterwards. The outdoor coils have durable rubber cables, withstand the cold and water well, and have energy-saving LED lighting.

Benefits of Chrissline:

  • Available in several models, wattage and glow
  • Energy-efficient fixed LED lighting
  • 5-year warranty on the light source
  • Extendable up to 100 metres

Select lighting

In the Chrissline system, you can choose between several lengths and models to adapt the string lights to different places in the garden.

Which outdoor strand should I choose?

String lights – the traditional string lights are ideal for many places in the garden and on the balcony. It is flexible and can, for example, be placed in trees, on the facade, around the balcony railing and in a lantern. The light strand is available in different wattage levels, as well as in a number of inbuilt light bulbs.

Icicle lights – with an icicle string lights, you can illuminate the facade and windows in a striking way. The strand has a fixed LED light of 9.2 watts and is available in different light sources. The icicle string lights are 2 metres wide and the length of the longest icicles is 0.6 metres.

Light net – these are ideal for lighting bushes and small trees. One major advantage of the nets is that they provide an even distribution of the lamps. The light nets have a fixed LED light output of 9.2 watts and are available in different light sources. The width of the net is 2 metres and the height is 1.7 metres.

Garland – green garlands around staircases and fences create a welcoming feeling at the entrance. The artificial fir tree makes it equally beautiful every season. The garland has a fixed LED light of 9.2 watts, is 5.20 metres wide and is available in different light sources.

Styringlights from Chrissline and Markslöjd


Get started easily with a starter kit. Lighting, starter cable and extension cord are included.


You need

For your outdoor lighting, you need a 1.5 metre long starter cable(sold separately).

Starter cable

The starter cable is a black rubber cable that withstands all weather conditions (Art. no 704812).

Starter cable for Chrissline outdoor lighting from Markslöjd

Smart options

There are a lot of accessories available for the lighting system. Here we guide you through three smart options that you can add to your LED light strand:

Extension cord - There are two different extension cables to choose from: 5 and 10 metres (art. no 704813 and 704814).

T-connector - Used as branching of the current in two different directions. The clutch has one input and two outputs (art. no 704815).

Ring connector Used to extend the system in different directions. The clutch has one input and five outputs (art. no 704816).

Accessories for Chrissline outdoor lighting from Markslöjd
How do I extend my Chrissline system?

You can easily expand your Chrissline system thanks to smooth plug & play connections. The lighting system always starts with a starter cable, which is then extended with string lights and any other accessories. Thanks to Chrissline’s expandable system, you can easily extend it and get a light strand up to 100 meters wide. Once you’ve assembled your string lights, simply plug the starter cable into a standard wall socket.


Connect a 100 meter wide light loop to the facade or the larger tree.

Which lights can I choose from?

In the Chrissline system there are five different lights. To help you find an outdoor trail that suits your outdoor environment, we guide you through the various lights.

Original (Warm white) – emits a warm-white light and has a colour temperature of2600–2750 Kelvin.

Warm – emits a warm glow and has a colour temperature of 2400 Kelvin.

Cold – emits a cool, white glow and has a colour temperature of 5000 Kelvin.

Amber – emits a warm, amber-coloured glow.

Multi – emits a multi-coloured light.

If you want to add more lights in the future, remember to note which colour you have in your system today.

Not sure which light you want?

Chrissline is available in several different lights to suit your particular garden. You can choose from the colours original (warm white), warm, cold, amber and multi.In this video, we show the different light colors and hope that it can help you in your decision.

Led-system Chrissline outdoor lighting from Markslöjd
Product number
  • String Light  5 m
  • String Light  10 m
  • Light Net
  • String Light Icicle  2 m
  • Garland 5 m
  • Curtain
  • String Light Crab
  • String Light 5 m
  • String Light 10 m
  • Light net
  • String Light Icicle 2 m
  • Garland 5 m
  • Curtain
  • String Light Crab
  • String Light 5 m
  • String Light 5 m
  • Light net
  • String Light 5 m
  • Light net
  • String Light Icicle 2 m