Bliss by Klas Forsberg for Markslöjd

Lighting does wonders with our well-being, especially during the darkest season of the year. Our newest arrival for the season, Bliss is designed by innovator Klas Forsberg to be enjoyed all year round but spreads a little extra glow during winter.

A unique candlestick with a sleek design

Bliss is a candlestick with nine transparent sticks, and a transparent base plate with energy-efficient LED lighting that spreads a pleasant glow. The light sources create an illusion of a waterfall of light. The sleek design creates a unique candlestick that works well in many places in the home, even all year round. Equipped with a transparent cable that blends nicely into its surroundings.

Tell us about Bliss, your latest design for Markslöjd?

I love Christmas more than any other holiday, especially the time leading up to Christmas with lots of candles and glögg (Swedish mulled wine, a hot beverage enjoyed during Christmas). My innovative side awakens a little extra in October-December, as I always think there is room for new designs that more people than I should get to take part of.

I’ve been thinking about Bliss for a long time and wanted to create a candlestick that stands out from the current range. With many small light sources spread over the entire height and reflected in each transparent stick, it gives a little illusion of a waterfall of light. The base plate in the same material also gives Bliss a lovely glow that ties everything together.

You're known to be an inventor, tell us about one of your inventions?

The cable rotator Twister that I’ve patented has hopefully given many people a little extra Christmas peace. It twists, and locks the cable it to make it hang straightly in the window. A pendant star that hangs straight looks so much nicer.


NAMN: Klas Forsberg
YRKE: Designer och uppfinnare
BOR: Kullavik
AKTUELL: Med ljusstaken Bliss för Markslöjd


NAME: Klas Forsberg
PROFESSION: Designer and inventor
LIVES: Kullavik
COMING UP: With candlestick Bliss for Markslöjd