Flexible and discreet lighting for kitchens, wardobes and storage

The best lighting is the kind that's just there whenever you need it. Combine is by far our most flexible lighting system for wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, and other utility spaces. The dicreet design in white makes it suitable for most kitchen cabinets.

Markslöjds LED system Combine is an energy-efficient, and discreet solution to functional lighting needs. The LED rails comes in three lengths and the LED spot comes in two sizes, for easy customizing. Wide range of accessories such as motion sensors, and dimmers to make life easier.

Why choose Combine?

• Easy to connect - no need for special tools or knowledge

• Energy-efficient with LED - we also offer 5 year warranty on the light source

• Flexibile - a range of different lengths and smart accessories available to help you customize

1. LED rails or LED spots, or combine both?

Start by choosing between LED rails and LED spots depending on which area of use and how much light spread you need.

LED Rails

LED rails are available in three lenghts and ideal to place inside drawers, and under cabinets.

LED Spots

LED spots work well to highlight your favourite details in display cabinets. Available in two sizes.

2. Choose accessories

Combine comes with many possibilities and has many possible areas of use. Choose the accessories that meet your needs.

For lighting under the kitchen cabinets we highly recommend connecting the IR-sensor (motion sensor), meaning you can easily light up and dim without touching. The motion sensor is also useful in drawers, it convieniently lights up when you open the drawer.

For corner kitchens, the corner connector is very useful to be able to connect angles and light up all the way.

3. Choose driver

We recommend to use maximum of 95% of the drivers capacity. If you wish to dim your lights with a dimmer, you need to choose Combine Driver 60W.

Discover Combine

In this video clip, you can be inspired and see all the advantages of Combine. We show you how you can decorate with the lighting system in the kitchen.