Nordic Neutral

For our modern trend we are drawn towards minimalism and 
simplicity. A calming trend with soft colours and strong lines
that feels very fresh in an overly saturated world. Mix muted
colours with white and beige to create something almost spiritual. 
Sculptural forms and interesting surfaces are important 
for the overall feeling of the trend. Adding a colour or a detail in 
black helps ground the pale tones.

Scandinavian Bohemia

This trend has a rustic feel and focuses on natural materials and colours. 
It’s a re-imagining of the past to suit modern times. This 
trend is about connection between the old and the new, 
how we find ourselves in nature.  The trend 
of craftmanship is key and we enjoy a look that feels handmade. 

New Romantic

Our romantic trend for SS21 is inspired by a dreamy mix of colours and a British way of decorating. We get inspired by flowers, textured fabrics, metallics and embroidery. The love of gardens, picnics and the slow way of way life is key to this trend. Choose your items with care and create your own style!