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Safe E-commerce - What does the certification mean?

The Safe E-commerce is a certification for e-commerce companies in Sweden. E-commerce companies are companies that sell goods and services via an online store (Distance Trading). E-commerce is based on exactly the same principle as traditional mail order/post order, the difference is that the goods are presented on a website and that the purchase agreement is entered directly on the website.

Today there are thousands of players selling goods & services on the Internet in Sweden and Europe and most are serious. However, in order to protect your personal data and other sensitive information, it is important that you know who you submit the information too. You may also want to feel confident that the company will deliver goods within the agreed time.

The Certification Safe E-commerce's purpose is to help you as a consumer choose the right e-commerce company when you shop so you can feel safe and secure even after you press "buy". Safe E-commerce's goal is that it should feel just as safe and secure to shop on the Internet as in a regular physical store. When you buy from a company that has the Certified E-commerce certification, it means that the company has, through an agreement, committed to follow a series of requirements.

Only stable and reputable e-commerce companies have the right to carry the certification Safe E-commerce. Secure E-commerce requirements are designed for you as a consumer to know and exercise your rights when you shop over the Internet. Among other things, requirements are set for the company to be clear with its identity, have secure routines for handling personal data, use secure payment solutions and have a stable economy.

To give you extra security, Safe E-commerce receives tips from you as a consumer. If you have tips about a company that has the certification Safe E-commerce and it turns out that the company acted incorrectly / in violation of the requirements set, Safe E -commerce.

In the event of serious defects, certification may be revoked with immediate effect. All of this together means that you as a consumer can feel confident that only serious companies carry the Safe E-commerce symbol.