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We really want to try to help the world get better.

We do this by involving ourselves in various projects, associations and organizations. We have been working with the Swedish Child Cancer Foundation for many years and continue to do so during the year. Children and cancer really do not belong together. We have also become a sponsor of Team Rynkeby who also collaborates with the Swedish Child Cancer Foundation.

New for the year is the Swedish organization Active School, which works with issues relating to children and young people in school, including sexual abuse, grooming, drugs and bullying. An incredibly important job.

In our day-to-day operations, we work with our CO2 footprint by operating our headquarters in Skene - Sweden to 100% of renewable energy. We also work with spare parts so that you fix your lighting by yourself if something happens. Something that greatly reduces the climate footprint. We also have several projects underway where we review our production to reduce the use of new plastic and plastic overalls. Improve our packaging to avoid sending unnecessary air, and more.

We are also involved in local sports associations. At Markslöjd we are also sure that our manufacturing partners are members of Amfori / BSCI. This is to ensure social security as well as our climate footprint. BSCI works to ensure that members meet work environment requirements, salary levels, etc. The work on CSR (corporate social responsibility) is never complete, but we hope that what we do can make a difference for our world and our fellow human beings.