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Winter - three stars in one

Our newest arrival "Winter" combines smart functions with a unique design by Jonas Forsman. With Winter, you get three products in one. Equipped with a table stand, suspension, and a magnet. You can hang it in a window, on the wall, and place it on a table. All possibilities are included straight from the box.

Winter spreads a soft and comfortable light. The unique design makes it equally decorative when switched off, and allows you to keep it up all year round. The arched metal wire adds both character and function, providing current to the twelve energy-efficient LED lights.

When lit up, the form is enhanced by the shadows and the reflecting steel finish.

“I want to bring gleams of light to the Scandinavian winter. With a structure of curved metal wires that create natural arches, and connected in intersections of light. I like to give the possibility of using the product in many ways, without the need of purchasing something new. The including accessories make it versatile, and usable year after year.” - Jonas Forsman

WINTER - Chrome

winter - chrome

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Jonas Forsman

Jonas studied industrial design engineering in Gothenburg, Sweden where he now has his studio and works on different projects within furniture- and product design. Jonas has been awarded several Red dot awards and Design S awards for his innovative and unique products. 

He grew up in Småland, a region in southern Sweden that is historically known for furniture manufacturing. From an early age, Jonas learned to save on resources by using as little as possible and how to make the most out of it. This way of life has become a guide line for him as a designer, facilitating resourcefulness and originality. 

Unboxing Winter

Short video where you see what the Winter lamp looks like when it arrives at your home. See how easily the lamp can be varied with its accessories that come with the purchase. Use as a table lamp, wall lamp or ceiling lamp.