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Markslöjd 60 years

The story of Markslöjd began in 1963, around the small town of Skene in Sweden. In the beginning, we housed in a small workshop, and our production was small of scale, consisting mostly of wooden handicraft and lamp fixtures of turned wood. Over time, lighting became our main business. In 2023 we’re celebrating 60 years, more than a half century of experience in lighting.

Our range covers all kinds of lighting for every room and season. Everything from functional systems to classic crystal chandeliers, and a large assortment of Christmas lights. And even if we have grown over the past decades, the heart of Markslöjd is still based in the small town of Skene in Mark, Sweden.

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Skene made for the anniversary

With a focus on quality and innovation, we are launching a table lamp named after our hometown, Skene. The burnt oak lamp base is a tribute to our history, while the shade of the opal glass and the clean form reflect our true Scandinavian identity.

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