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Remember the importance of light

but choose the right lighting when every kilowatt hour counts

In times like these, skipping the Christmas lights to save energy can seem like a tempting solution. But it's also necessary to remember the importance of light, and how strongly it affects our well-being. Especially now during the darkest season of the year.

Imagine a Christmas without Christmas lights. The warm glow from candlesticks, and Advent stars lift our spirits, and sets the mood for the holidays. Using the right lighting accounts only for a small part of our total energy-consumption, and we can use our kilowatt-hours wisely.

Keep your Christmas merry and bright by having this in mind!


How long does one kilowatt-hour last?

Below are some examples of how long one kilowatt-hour lasts, for your Christmas lighting both indoors and outdoors. Did you know that an outdoor loop from Chrissline with 100 LEDs can light up in 108 hours to correspond to a 60 degree wash?

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Choose LED-bulbs. Use your kilowatt hours wisely by choosing the right bulb.

LED bulbs are the best choice. They last 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs and consume 80% less electricity.

Light has a good impact on us and its important to think of that when the shortage of daylight is a fact. For our well-being, it's important that the home environment compensates the lack of natural daylight.

There are many options to light up your Christmas in a smarter way and to use your kilowatt hours wisely.

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