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Why think about the lighting in a room where you mostly spend time with your eyes closed? You might be someone who likes to lie and read before bedtime, or you might want soft, comfortable lighting when you wake up - before turning on the ceiling lamp and searching for something to wear.

The bedroom might be a little misunderstood in this context.  We see it, or at least used to see it, as just a place for sleep. But your bedroom is as much a place for choosing an outfit for the day. Or reading to the children in muted lighting, possibly the best time of the day for many of us.

In any event, the bedroom needs the right lighting as well as the right amount of lighting. A room generally needs at least seven light sources. This includes candles. When decorating with light in a bedroom, consider both the practical and decorative factors. Maybe you need bedside lamps on either side of the bed. And a ceiling lamp that gives enough light for everyday life. Remember natural light as well. Let it cascade in. In the bedroom you are also right to invest in light sources (what we used to call light bulbs) that give a slightly warmer light.

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Dimmable in the bedroom

A dimmable lamp is a perfect way to create that particular atmosphere but at the same time be able to increase the light if you need it. Here’s a heads-up - modern armatures are dimmable, but the dimmability depends on the light source, so choose a dimmable light source.

Create Luxury

A good tip to get a room feel bigger and more vivid is to mix brightness, and work with placement in different heights. Vary the dimmer strength of different types of lamps to give the room an additional impression of life and luxury.